Top Tips for Weaning Orphan Lambs

Top Tips for Weaning Orphan Lambs

In large flocks, it's likely that you will have a few orphan lambs that will require hand-rearing that will need weaning at the right time/ weight. It's best to wean abruptly rather than diluting the milk replacer, however, they should not be weaned unless they are drinking water and eating solids.

1. Date mark each lamb with its birthdate.

2. Ensure each lamb has colostrum of quality, delivered quickly in the right quantity.

3. Quantity is 50mls per live weight per feed.

4. 10 lambs per teat on systems.

5. Ensure that accommodation is warm, dry and draught free.

6. Lambs need fresh lamb creep daily.  Spoiled feed depresses appetite.

7. Lambs eating 250 grams of creep on 3 consecutive days are ready to wean.

8. Do not feed hay or silage, stick to clean bright straw for optimum rumen development.

9. Lambs need to achieve 3 times their birthweight then they are ready to wean.

10. Wean after 35 days (Hence dated lambs)

Follow these points for a successful batch of lambs and remember they are not pets!


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