Did you know we supply livestock ear tags?

Here at StowAg we can supply a wide variety of livestock ID tags and other identification products.

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New Ear Tags

Choose from a variety of livestock ear tags for Cattle, Sheep, Pigs and more! Whether you are looking for EID, FAST, Tissue testing or Breeding tags we can help! Our made to order service allows you to order in bulk.

We work closely with suppliers to ensure a turnaround time of 10-14 days from order to you receiving the goods. Please note: due to seasonal demands minimum delivery time is 10 days. So make sure you plan your tagging well in advance!

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Cattle Tag Replacement Service

Our in-store cattle tag printer allows us to print your replacement tags while-you-wait, making it easy to ensure you're within legal requirements!

We currently offer Large Flexo, Medium Flexo or a Flexo Button Tags. Request a quote and order your tags for collection today.

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