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DLF focuses on customer demands and market trends for clover and grass seed. With one of the world's largest research and breeding programmes for turf and forage, DLF aims to improve the quality and reliability of all varieties. These varieties are tested globally to ensure they adapt to different climatic and environmental conditions.


DLF is the UK's largest grass seed organisation, dominating the agriculture, amenity, and domestic lawn seed markets. During the 1990s, DLF expanded through acquisitions, including Donath Seeds, HF Seeds, and Pope & Chapman, forming a robust wholesale entity.

In 2015, the global business rebranded as DLF to unify its values and aims. In 2001, DLF Perryfields, later DLF Trifolium, was created from the merger of DLF Trifolium (UK) and Perryfields Holdings Limited. Perryfields Holdings, originally Inter Seeds founded in 1982, grew through successful trading and mergers, becoming a significant wholesaler. In 1998, it acquired WW Johnson Limited, enhancing its product range and securing the leading brand, Johnson’s Lawn Seed.