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Carhartt's journey from its humble beginnings in 1889 to becoming a renowned name in heavy-duty workwear is a testament to its commitment to quality and durability. Hamilton Carhartt's vision to provide honest value for hardworking individuals laid the foundation for the company's success

About Carhartt

During its early years, Carhartt closely collaborated with railroad workers, understanding their specific needs for robust and durable work clothing. This dedication to meeting the demands of manual laborers led to the company's expansion across different cities and eventually across borders, reaching the United Kingdom and Canada.

Despite facing challenges such as the Great Depression, Carhartt persevered and experienced a resurgence during World War II, as the demand for durable workwear increased. Throughout its history, Carhartt has continually evolved its clothing items, incorporating trademark features aimed at enhancing durability and functionality, such as heavy-duty thread, reinforcing rivets, and advanced materials resistant to various elements.

Today, Carhartt's clothing is synonymous with toughness and reliability, making it a staple on construction sites, farms, ranches, and various other job sites. The company's consistent focus on quality has not only sustained its position in the market but has also fueled its growth over the years