Staff Lineup

Eddie Wheatcroft, DirectorBen Wheatcroft, DirectorAshley Nichols, General ManagerJeremy Smith, Design & Build ManagerDerek Morris, SalesCarol Meredith, Sales & SQPJohn Seabrook, Sales & SQPKerry Hicks, Sales & SQPSimon Messenger, Sales & SQPTom Malin, Sales & SQPDaisy Wheeler, SalesMike Griffin, SalesRichard Green, SalesGedCarl GriffithsAaron AndrewsTony MinchinChris ColemanSteve MarvellRichard FudgeSimon CollettGavin MatthewsJohn KilbeyRachelWendy PackerIndiannaSoni GriffithsTeganCarmenPatrick Corr

We pride ourselves on our great customer service, and that starts by building an exceptional team. We put our values at the heart of everything we do to create a welcoming, supportive working environment which is happy healthy and safe.

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