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Hotline Electric Fencing, originally AEC Electric Fencing, have been a trusted name since 1968 in Newton Abbot, Devon. Celebrating over 50 years of manufacturing, now offering a wide range of high-quality, British-made products.

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At Hotline, we offer a portable, flexible, and cost-effective alternative to traditional fencing. With the rise of self-sufficiency and rural living, we've developed products for both professionals and newcomers to electric fencing. Despite our established product range, we remain committed to innovation and modern technology.

With over fifty years of experience, we continue to provide high-quality, British-made products, ensuring our customers stay safe behind Hotline.

Looking ahead, we've invested significantly in our production, despatch, and warehousing facilities in the past year. These enhancements keep us at the industry's forefront. Our new intelligent 230v mains energisers feature advanced displays and alarms, plus a battery back-up for seamless transition during power outages.

Watch the video below to see how you can use Hotline solar power panel to charge your 12 volt electric fence battery.