Spring is just around the corner and for many farmers that can only mean one thing, lambing! Many farmers have already started to prepare themselves for this crucial part of the farming calendar but what are the primary factors that need to be considered?

The sight of lambs in fields up and down the country is a key indicator for many, a sign that spring has sprung and lambing has begun. For the majority of the United Kingdom lambing season begins in early spring, but can start as early as December in some parts. Lots of ewes give birth to their lambs without any issue in the fields. But some ewes, especially first timers, will be brought into a lambing sheds to give birth, just in case they need a helping hand. This way farmers are on hand night and day to keep a close eye if there are any problems.

What are the main focuses during lambing?

Farmers often establish a system for the rearing of lambs, such as an ad-lib ewe milk replacer feeder. This saves time and ensures better lamb growth rates. During a busy period, time saved from not bottle-feeding can be better used elsewhere! Read our blog 'Why Do You Need Ewe Millk Powder'.

During lambing season it is essential to focus on nutrition! The majority of fetal growth takes place during the last six weeks of pregnancy so it is essential that Farmers get their ewes nutrition spot on. Ewes should be grouped and fed according to scan results and blood samples should be taken from ewes to ensure their diet is providing the required energy and protein.

Lambing season is always busy, so Farmer do not want to take time out to have to pick up the little things when time can be better spent on the farm. Stock up on essentials! We have a wide range of lambing sundries and equipment. Explore the our range today! Don't forget, if you're within 50 miles of our store we offer FREE delivery on-farm.

Farmers also need to ensure that housing is ready for indoor lambing if needed. Sheds and barns will need to be cleaned and disinfected before bringing the animals inside. Top tip from our animal health experts: Use clean and dry bedding to reduce the risk of spreading infections. Finally avoid overcrowding your livestock! Otherwise, stress and disease issues can spiral out of control. If you need assistance with any animal health issues speak to one of our SQPs today.

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